Patient Care Trust’s (PCT) immediate objective is to provide access to medical care for Tibetans-in-exile in India and Nepal who otherwise could not afford treatment. We will oversee complete care for the patients, including appointment and treatment assistance, translation and transportation, follow-ups, fundraising, and appropriate accommodation during treatment.

PCT will help patients navigate the medical system in Delhi, no matter how far we must travel to do so. Our services will include providing information about medical care and making contact with qualified doctors in the most reliable government hospitals. These hospitals are the best in India and some of the best in Asia. They are located 25 to 30 kilometers away from the Tibetan colony of Majnu-ka-Tila, New Delhi.

PCT will also provide financial assistance for patients and their families who are not able to cover expenses for their treatment or hospital stay. PCT will schedule appointments, escort patients to and from the hospital, translate into Tibetan, Hindi, and English, and ensure that poor Tibetan patients have adequate accommodation. PCT will also provide housing and meals for those who come to Delhi from afar for re-admissions and follow-ups during their treatment. All expenses will be subsidized on a sliding scale based on financial need.

PCT’s objectives include expanding from a single consultation office in Majnu-ka-Tila to a comprehensive full-service center in the area that will accommodate patients and provide consultation and treatment services. Due to the urgent needs of the Tibetans-in-exile, PCT’s development will include the construction of a hospital which targets the community’s needs. Building a successful model in-exile will also enable us to serve Tibetans inside Tibet in the future.