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To date, Mr. Wangyal and his team have taken on the cases of more than 7,766 patients. Almost all of the patients have either been cured or are currently undergoing treatment. Mr. Wangyal was able to help more than 75 families and 30 individuals make Tibetan Medical System (TMS) payments. He also has raised funds for the treatments of many other poor patients who could not afford care. This work has also included the treatment of at least 10 patients with serious brain tumors who needed urgent operations. Some of these patients were diagnosed as terminal, but ultimately underwent successful treatment.

These examples emphasize the main challenge we presently face. There is no place for patients to stay during their treatment, meaning they risk losing their lives if they come from afar. Therefore, a residential building is desperately needed during the treatment.

February 2020

PCT’s Patient Reports – February 2020    

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Sternum Abnormal Case

While attending one of our patients, we met this princess who’s family came to us a year ago asking to help her. At that time Read More

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Brain Tumour Success

A 20-year-old man from Manali was suffering from a brain tumour. In Chandigarh he had two operations, both of which did not cure his condition, Read More

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Young man finally comes out of coma after 9 months

In 2009, a 25-year-old male patient fell from the third story of a building. He suffered from severe brain hemorrhaging and remained in a coma Read More

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HIV problem in Tibetan community

A 49-year-old male from Himachal Pradesh, who was HIV positive and also suffering from Hepatitis B and TB, came to Delhi for treatment. Mr. Wangyal Read More

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