Seniour brain tumor patient on his way to recovery

pct-logoA 50-year-old patient felt ill and was having headaches. By December 2014, he couldn’t move his left thumb. The patient was first taken to Sant Parmanand Hospital and after some consultation; he was referred to Govind Ballah Pant Hospital in Delhi. The patient was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He and his family had great difficulties working with the hospital staff, so they came to Mr. Wangyal for help through the President of the Welfare Office in Manju-ka-Tila, in January 2015. By then, the patient could not move his left leg and hand — the left part of his body was completely paralyzed. Mr. Wangyal was able to take the patient to one of the best doctors at AIIMS, where he was admitted immediately to the Neurology Department. After undergoing a gamma-knife biopsy, the patient was diagnosed with brain lymphoma, and thereafter Mr. Wangyal assisted him in entering the IRCH Department of AIIMS, where he was also diagnosed with PCNSL, Hepatitis B and TB. The patient is now undergoing chemotherapy and has improved from his semi-conscious state when first admitted. He is eating well and is almost back to his normal movement ability.

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